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ABOUT: Director of P2H Solutions Private Limited. Driven by passion for creative content and tech, loves music. Seasoned sales and business development professional. Travels extensively and is dedicated to creating amazing customer experiences, stunning creative content and exploring innovative technologies.


Why did you guys get into VR?

– The level of interactivity that VR has brought between creative content and its consumers has been mind-blowing.


What is it like working with your company? 

– Our core focus always is to build trust and open communication with our clients. We believe in investing time initially to sit down with clients, talk, talk and talk more to understand them, their brand, their values, goals, visions, target audience. This helps us to create a product precisely suitable for their needs and addressing their objective. We don’t work like vendors with our clients. Our approach is always to work as an extended team, always trying to refine, adjust and improvise their drafts and ideas.


Can your company handle campaign volume production?

– Sure, we can. We are good with not just handling volume but are famous for successfully executing tight timeline assignments as well.


How would you describe your company culture?

– We are a talented group of people working together, sharing similar goals and passion. We are driven and ambitious, fun to work with, very open and transparent with each other as well as our customers. I think, we carry the drive and soul like a start-up but operate like a very organized corporate.


What is your company’s core expertise and why?

– We have expertise in all areas of content production from script to preproduction, production to post. We are strategic thinkers and with a target driven team bringing in a collective experience of more than two decades. Our wide exposure to various content creation technologies, we understand precisely what would work for our clients to achieve their business goals.


Do you offer revisions of completed work?

– Yes, pre-agreed rounds of revisions.


Money is a big issue. Can you give some examples of what you can do for a small company with limited resources?

– Every customer – small or large is equally important to us. In case if the client is working under certain constraints, we work backwards and execute solutions fitting their budgets without compromise in the effectiveness of those solutions in achieving their business goals with the respective assignment.


I’ve been living in a cave the last few years and just got back to work at the marketing department, can you explain to me why I should invest in a VR marketing campaign?

– For the first time in the tech history, we now have a tool to let the consumers of content take charge of how they immerse in the content. It’s an innovative tech which is evolving rapidly and those who adapt to it early will benefit from it in the long run. VR is going to change the business dynamics significantly in the coming few years.


VR is a no doubt powerful tool that and the industry is young. What are the risks and pitfalls with VR marketing? Describe what you would advise against doing.

– VR is still an evolving tech and has a huge potential to reform the way brands or products are marketed. It is so fresh for now that it leaves a lasting impression in the target consumer’s mind however due to the hardware limitations, it is advisable for brands to have their VR marketing campaigns be broken down strategically into small phases and executed over a long period to keep the impact alive in the minds of their target market. For now, the hardware is not a household thing and lot of people feel sick after experiencing VR for a long time. These small problems will resolve as the hardware evolves and VR is here to not just stay but replace a lot of old traditional marketing practices.


What is it about VR that gets you excited?

– The limitless possibilities and new ways to experience content. Apart from our core focus on VR content, we are also excited about how VR will change healthcare situations globally.


STUDIO: P2H Solutions


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March 10, 2018 by Rick