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ABOUT: Martin Heller is Head of Video Innovations at german media brands “Die Welt” and N24, Founder of IntoVR, a VR media Startup based in Berlin, and Blogger. He started 1998 as a TV-Journalist (RTL, SPIEGEL TV) and switched to Online Video in early 2006. He was Head of Crossmedia at Axel Springer Academy and is since 2014 working with the Axel-Springer-company WELTN24. In early 2016 he was as part of the program “Axel Springer Silicon Valley Fellowship” for five weeks in the USA researching about Virtual Reality and setting up partnerships with US brands in VR and Webvideo.

What made you start a VR studio?

– Always trying new forms of storytelling for our clients. We are convinced that VR and 360 Video is a strong way of telling brand stories and editorial content as well. A marketing tool that we offer in Germany to a lot of clients since we founded IntoVR. And we were right: it is a lot of fun and its great to create these immersive experiences.


What is it like working with you guys?

– We as a small startup are not big on bureaucracy. We are pretty uncomplicated and focused on the product. If the project seems to become a great one and we are convinced – we are able to give very good prices/discount.


How would you describe your company culture?

– Hard working and smiling while creating great experiences for our clients


What area, geographically speaking, are you available to work in?

– Worldwide.


What is your studio’s core expertise?

– Concept, production and advice in distribution via social media of monoscopic and stereoscopic non-fiction VR content. Rational prices for state-of-the-art-productions. Storytelling.


Money is a big issue. Can you give some examples of what you can do for a small company with limited resouces?

– We just produced a 4K 360°-Video documentary (lenght: 4min) about the situation of refugees in europe for only 2650.- Euro. Editorial projects get best prices




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March 11, 2018 by Rick