Zaxby’s Fanz of Flavor Runthrough


With over 700 locations across the States, quick service chicken restaurant Zaxby’s was looking for a compelling way to interact with sports fans and give them a taste of something truly new.




Apache developed a bespoke Virtual Reality painting game enabling players to enter a virtual Zaxby’s restaurant, dip their controllers in digital Zaxby’s sauce, and get painting their very own Big Z – the Zaxby’s chicken mascot. After painting their sauce-based masterpiece, players could pick up a virtual polaroid camera and take a photo of their creation in VR to be shared with friends and family online.

The campaign toured 12 USA-based locations at American Football games running from early September through to the end of November, and reached tens of thousands of football fans.


“VR was a way we could immerse all of the sports fans and tailgaters to show them what Zaxby’s is all about. If you don’t have a Zaxby’s near you, you can still get a feel for it… VR was a great way to resonate with sports fans and college students that are up-to-speed with technology.”

Will Riley, Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing at Zaxby’s Franchising


STUDIO: Apache

VR March 22, 2018 by Rick