Hole in 360°

Helios Interactive

For their PGA sponsorship, Samsung was looking to create a never-before-seen VR experience for golf fans. Samsung wanted to build an experience that would take virtual reality on their Gear VR platform to the next level by implementing the principles of storytelling, cinematography, and interactivity. In addition to the VR experience, a live ‘social wall’ was set up that displayed guests Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds as they related to the event.



The experience started with Brand Ambassador’s assisting guests with a Samsung Gear VR headset, headphones and a custom-made golf club. In Virtual Reality, guests stood in a room surrounded by Samsung TVs showing the beautiful terrain of Hazeltine National, which eventually morphed together and put the guest onto the stunning Hole 8. After accessing the surroundings, guests were prompted to take some practice swings and eventually their tee-off. After hitting the ball, guests were then magically transported to a vantage point behind the ball as it flew towards the hole.



And finally, they could watch the result of their shot, viewing the ball rolling towards the hole – each guest having a different outcome based on their swing. A second, ‘passive’ version of the experience was also available that allowed guests to kick back and watch the magic. In the end, Helios and their partners at Wasserman built an exceptional, unforgettable experience that transported participants from the tent to the tee box.



STUDIO: Helios Interactive

VR, Sports March 31, 2018 by Rick